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    1. Liebe شادى,vielen Dank .Ich bin so stolz auf Dich,und bin gluecklich euch ( deine schwster und dich ) als Enkelin zu haben.بوس

  1. Dear Yeganeh,
    You are living your life by spreading your fregnance in your paintings, teaching yoga and showing your strength and love in your relationship!
    Feeling so happy to know you!

  2. Hi. Many thanks for sharing the address of this website. What a great idea to have the photos of your work collected in one place on internet. Now I can always see your beautiful works even though I do not own them. All the best and looking forward to seeing your future artistic works.

  3. Dear Yeganeh joon,
    How wonderful that you finally have a website! I very much enjoyed flipping through your amazing paintings. The one on your invitation card from 1372, threw me way back to that exhibition and reminded me the fact that I was/ still am in love specifically with the painting, which its image was on the card. Look forward to seeing your new works coming up on the website.

    Much love,

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